Ayurvedic Diet Tips to manage High Blood Pressure

Ayurvedic Diet Tips to manage High Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is one of the most growing concerns of the world. According to WHO (World Health Organization) reports in India, approximately 220 million people live with hypertension! Certainly, the modern sedentary lifestyle plays a significant role in elevating BP. Now you may wonder, what are the leading causes of high blood pressure and what is the best way to tackle it? Let’s find out. 


What is high blood pressure: 


We all must have often heard our near ones quoting the phrase ‘don’t get too angry, or else your BP will shoot’.


Blood pressure indicates various behavioural changes along with physical discomfort. This simple yet tricky reaction creates many changes in our bodies, which gives birth to diseases and organ failure in our body. The leading causes of high BP are stress, discomfort, unhealthy lifestyle. If you dig deep, the root cause appears to be unhealthy life choices and daily habits mostly related to our food habits. 


Ayurvedic Diet to Manage High Blood Pressure

To challenge this vicious ailment, one true soldier would be your diet. What we eat governs how we live ahead, and wise decisions at the right time can become immensely valuable in real life. Ayurveda has introduced many dietary changes that can balance and neutralize high BP. 


1.      Incorporate coconut water with orange juice in your diet 

Coconut water has earned its spot as a healthy supplement to bring back balance; a balanced drink can be beneficial. Mix coconut water with orange juice and drink multiple times a day; this shall help your balance your BP. 


2.      Cucumber raita 

Curd completes meals, but proper raita can create balance. Eat cucumber with raita to bring change in your body and help your Blood Pressure remain intact. 


3.      Befriend honey

Honey is beneficial for high blood pressure; honey has properties that help in regulating blood pressure & reduces cholesterol. Adding honey in the morning with lukewarm water on an empty stomach can be healthy.  


4.      Dal soup

This might sound a bit weird to the kids today, but this is one of the most effective ways. Add cumin and turmeric to boiled moong dal. It reduces blood pressure, and regular intake can help regulate the body’s blood pressure levels. 


5.      Watermelon 

Add fruits like watermelon to your diet to soothe your stomach and blood pressure.


6.      Avoid salt

Salt is one of the most common ingredients and is considered as ‘the soul of food’. It certainly qualifies as a brilliant tastemaker, but people who suffer from BP should strictly check the salt in their diet. Excess to salt can aggravate blood pressure.  


Don’t let this silent killer sway away with your health; start making healthier choices and treat this chronic ailment from the roots by consulting Ayurvedic Doctors online at Life Chart.

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