Ayurvedic Weight Loss tips that really work

Losing weight is easy, said no one ever! But what if we spill the secret beans for weight loss? Ayurveda has the answers to your weight loss questions. Here are some top Ayurveda weight loss tips that will actually work for you. 

1. Start your day with warm water

Take the most refreshing step on your weight loss journey by sipping a glass of warm water or lemon water in the morning. It helps to improve digestion and promotes weight loss. Lemon contains cleansing characteristics that boost metabolism and make it easier to lose weight when combined with warm water. Additionally, it provides a new beginning for the day, energizing and uplifting your mood.

2. Shed some sweat

Exercise boosts immunity by boosting the body’s endurance and illness resistance. It aids waste removal and circulation. Exercise regularly promotes endorphin release, which helps lower anxiety and keeps a check on your overall wellness. To lose weight in a faster & productive way, it’s best to boost metabolic activity in the body and engage in 45–60 minutes of daily exercise or yoga. A balanced Ayurveda diet combined with yoga or exercise is key to achieving a balanced body, mind, and soul.

3. Eat right at least three times a day

You are what you eat; therefore, it’s important to eat mindfully. Never skip a meal; always have three balanced meals per day, including seasonal fruits and vegetables. Food should constantly be ingested in sufficient amounts to allow for healthy digestion because it is thought of as a quick-burning fuel for the body. Always have a substantial breakfast between 8 and 9 AM, a large lunch with a variety of vegetables, cereals, and lean meats around midday, and a light dinner before 7 PM that consists of soups and salads for the most delicate digestion process as the digestive capacity is at its lowest at night.

4. Get your beauty sleep

A healthy sleep pattern plays a significant role in your weight loss journey! When you don’t get enough good sleep, it affects how focused you are the next day and negatively impacts your health. According to current studies, those with insomnia have a higher body fat percentage than those with a healthy sleep schedule.

According to Ayurveda, the recommended window for getting a good night’s sleep is between 10:00 PM and 6:00 AM.

5. Prefer home-cooked food over anything

Isn’t it obvious? Ghar ka khana is safer, tastier and healthier than processed foods or fast food. Now savoury street food may temp your taste buds but it lowers your digestion process and deprives you from vital nutrients your body needs to function appropriately.So here’s a golden rule for weight loss ‘Limiting your diet to freshly prepared, home-cooked food’.

Concentrating on healthily reducing weight will be simpler once you learn to stop unhealthy snacking altogether. And if you get cravings for snacks, opt for fruits or dry fruits, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, etc., rather than fried chips or namkeen.

The journey toward weight loss is not easy; it has its ups and downs but trust the process and resist any kind of temptations that may come in between. In the end, the fruit of your patience will be rewarding. For more ayurvedic tips for weight loss, you can talk to Ayurvedic Doctors at LifeChart, for personalized solutions for your weight loss journey.

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