When we feel lost and nothing can be visible in dark we must remember there is always a light guiding us to help us find the right path. Counselling can be that light for you. We realize that it’s okay to not be okay & we extend full support in form of counselling to help you in your tough times. Counselling can be of various types and there is always one that can guide you onto the right path & help you heal to grow & develop. To crack myths about counselling that many of us might have, we have some famous and lively instances right here for you. These celebrities have seeked counselling to understand the intricacies of their mind and have gotten best results out of them, let’s find out more about them.


Counselling is recommended by the king of Bollywood. During his shoulder injury in 2010 king khan had to suffer a lot of pain and post-surgery his problems were only increasing. He admitted he went through depression in that period. He recovered soon after seeking counselling.


The versatile actress has been open about her struggles with depression & has become a leading example for many to join counselling for their betterment. She is the founder of Live, Laugh & Love foundation with the aim of creating awareness about mental health. She aims to create a healthy space for discussions around mental health. Her continuous efforts & honest conversations have helped many to find their voice.


On various platforms & multiple times, Anushka has raised awareness regarding Anxiety & depression. She aims to build an environment where honest talks about these issues can be maintained to help the ones suffering from them. She herself has battled anxiety and emerged victorious with the help of counselling. She urges everyone to seek help at time & find ways to lead a healthy life.

  • Ileana D’Cruz :

Ileana has worked prominently in both Bollywood & tollywood film industry. She has openly talked about her condition of Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD). She has actively asked people to seek counselling, for like any other health issue, mental health needs treatment to get better & be healthy. Her approach has always been to have honest conversations around these topics.


Famous filmmaker, Karan Johor, has openly talked about the phase of his life where he seeked therapy & counselling for depression. He admitted he got diagnosed and took medications for a while. He explained that his journey of struggling with depression was hard & counseling sessions helped him get better. He insisted that people struggling with any mental health issues must seek help.

All these examples are prominent ones as we see these faces everywhere around us. Seeking help should not be a tough task for anyone. We at are working hard to create a healthy space where everybody has access to help at any point of time whether day or night. Consult with our psychologists because we are to take care of your mind, body and soul.

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