Stress- What are its impacts and ways to cope with it

Stress – What are its impacts and ways to cope with it?

If you are reading this blog, you can certainly relate to the word or feeling known as ‘stress’. To sum it up in a single line, “stress is being overwhelmed or unable to cope with mental or emotional pressure” Sounds familiar? Yes, because we all have been through it. 

We all deal with stress in different ways, our ability to cope can depend on our genetics, early life events, personality and social and economic circumstances. When stressed, our bodies release stress hormones, which stimulate our immune system and provoke a fight or flight reaction. It allows us to react rapidly in potentially dangerous circumstances. When a stressful incident is over, our stress hormones usually return to normal quickly, with no long-term consequences.

Let’s take a look at the latest stats & figures.

In India, 74% of Indians are stressed, and 88% of Indians suffer from anxieties. Let’s look at the statistics in detail. As per reports, 57% of respondents suffer from mild stress, 11% are under moderate stress, 4% of people face moderately severe anxiety symptoms, and 2% reported extreme stress. According to a study conducted by a Delhi-based mental health service platform — The Centre of Healing (TCOH)- there has been increased stress and anxiety among people since the Covid-19 pandemic. 

In the world happiness report 2022, India ranked 136th from the bottom of the list. These alarming figures are a mere insight into what we are heading towards.

Let’s Discuss How Stress Affects Our Daily Lives?

-Stress may impact your mood and overall behaviour, but it can also impact your health in various ways. 

-Stress can weaken immune system responses by releasing hormones as part of the body’s stress response, leading to various problems. 

-Stress may make you angry or depressed when you wouldn’t typically feel that way, and it can lead those with many obligations to lose sight of their concentration.


You may feel apprehensive, disappointed, and frustrated if you are stressed. Headaches, sweating, and heart palpitations are all possible side effects. You could act differently. You could feel irritable, emotional, and have trouble sleeping.

Solution for stress?

Counselling is the Need of the hour

Counselling can be instrumental in tackling the root cause of stress and working on ways of managing it. Stress Counselling treatment is designed to help you explore the causes of stress, including those created by work, family, and past experiences. It can also help you understand how your ideas contribute to your stress levels.

How can Life Chart help you cope with stress?
Life Chart is India’s first holistic wellness and alternative health platform. We provide reliable and discreet online counselling from qualified counsellors and specialists who can help you deal with difficult situations such as stress, anxiety, or relationship challenges. By concentrating on people’s experiences, we hope to help them attain holistic wellbeing and help them heal, explore, and develop. Our certified psychologists and counsellor assist you in expressing, evaluating, and understanding your feelings. They pay great attention to you and help you achieve mental stability.

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