This Diwali binge guilt-free with Ayurveda Tips

The festival of lights and season of love, positivity is here! Yes, we are all excited as the Diwali is approaching right around the corner. As you pull up your sleeves to enjoy the Diwali festivities with your loved ones don’t forget to take care of your health!

As soon as we finish styling our hair and don our stylish new kurtas to greet the guests, we are showered with delectable treats. Oh, the anxieties about calories, Sugar, and weight! We end up indulging in lavish meals in the spirit of the eagerly anticipated occasion and then feeling bad about it. Then, we search for simple and quick solutions to lose the extra weight. It becomes challenging to maintain a healthy diet!

But don’t worry this blog will cover Ayurveda tips that let you enjoy Diwali guilt-free. So, keep your health problems at bay by following these Pre-Diwali diet tips.

1. Try this Tri-Mix of powerful ingredients

Take a spoonful of honey and cinnamon with a squeezed lemon if you’ve just finished a large dinner. This will aid in fat loss and encourage the body’s beneficial enzymes. This combination, in a sense, keeps cholesterol from reaching its maximum level.

2. Trikatu and Ghee can improve digestion.

Why not prepare your body in advance if you know you’ll eat a substantial meal later in the day? Before you eat, take a tablespoon of Trikatu with ghee; it keeps your metabolism healthy and aids ingestion. Trikatu is a concoction of long pepper also known as pippali, ginger, and black pepper. Since Trikatu with ghee also regulates blood sugar, it is beneficial for people with diabetes who wish to take advantage of the season and consume something a bit sweeter.

3. Eat ghee-based sweets and stay away from fried sweets.

It would be unfair to stay away from mithai! But it can be mindful if you watch your portion size. We encourage you to eat ghee-based sweets because they balance pitta. When the sweets are fried, the effect of the ghee is diminished. Make sure your ghee hasn’t been fried. You can substitute laddoos prepared from wheat, gram flour, or maize flour for gulab jamun.

4. Keep Sugar under control with not-so-sweet ingredients

Aloe vera, turmeric, and amla are three foods specialists in Ayurveda advise using to help people manage high blood sugar levels. “Take the jelly by cutting a 2-inch-wide piece of aloe vera leaf. It is advised to take this mixture right before night.

Every soul yearns for joy and festivity now that it’s Diwali. Although they won’t persist forever, the harm caused by eating poorly may cause you problems for a more extended time. So, remember the health advice provided above. 

 Wishing you and your loved ones a very Happy Diwali! 

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