What is the difference between Stress and Anxiety?

What is the difference between Stress and Anxiety?

Mental health is an eminent part of our lives; however, its awareness remains almost negligible to date. Various organizations have been tirelessly working to spread awareness and help those in need. Have you ever felt overwhelmed? Or does going out and meeting new people scare you? Does it have any physical signs, or does it only affect your emotional being? There might be numerous questions that need answers, and to bring them out for you, we have put up this article to help you understand the difference between Stress and Anxiety. 



Stress is borne out of external triggers; the trigger might be short-lived, but the impact remains intact and causes stress, whereas Anxiety is borne out of internal triggers, triggers that were bottled down for too long. 


The effects of both can be similar at times. You might feel irritated or agitated even due to things that are mild. They might cause insomnia and low concentration levels. Both can give physical and emotional discomfort. 


Stress and Anxiety are not too different, although the difference in origin and impact stay the same. Stress might be caused due to an external factor; sometimes, when work pressure gets too much or when a personal situation gets out of control, it passes on as we progress with time and generally remains short-lived. However, Anxiety is when stress becomes the norm, it stays even after the problem has left and normalcy has been restored. 

Stress generally leaves as soon as the problem is settled, but Anxiety stays with you for a long time, severely affecting mental health. 



Why is it necessary to know what stress and anxiety are? To answer that simply, any problem or ailment can’t be treated properly without proper diagnosis; thus, it is important to understand the nature of what you are experiencing to get treatment and feel better. To identify stress, we must ask questions about whether what we are feeling is related to some current issue we are facing; if you feel like thinking about a solution related to that issue makes you feel better, then stress is the cause of discomfort. 


If you feel that your chest is heavier and your mind is numbing at times more than it usually does even after the problem has passed, it is Anxiety. If we ignore Anxiety, it might lead to the development of anxiety disorder.  A panic attack is a severe anxiety disorder and must not be categorized under stress.  We must find the root cause and seek timely help for timely treatment and solutions. It might be challenging to understand this independently; seek help from certified psychologists or join us any time. Don’t feel like you are alone; we are here to lend our hand anytime; let’s heal together. 


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