Why you should always drink water from a copper vessel?

Why you should always drink water from a copper vessel?

Copper has been used for centuries in Ayurveda because of its inherent ability to strengthen and heal. Using copper containers to keep your drinking water is an excellent way to incorporate more copper into your daily life. Sipping into the goodness of “Tamra Jal” or “copper water” has many health benefits as it is infused with natural antioxidants.


Ayurveda has regarded drinking water from a copper vessel as helpful for the body’s general health. Tamra Jal, which translates to “copper water,” is an ancient ayurvedic practise of drinking water that has been kept in a pure copper container. It cleans the water, eliminates pollutants, and makes it more alkaline. It also helps to balance the Kapha, Pitta, and Vata doshas.

The long-believed custom is considered to have several health advantages, especially when done first thing in the morning. 

Benefits of drinking water from a copper vessel

  • Antiseptic in nature
    Copper’s inherent antiseptic properties help to clean the water, remove pollutants, and maintain a pH balance by raising its alkalinity. Drinking “Tamra Jal,” water lying in a copper container for a few hours or overnight, is said to confer nutrients and health advantages, such as antioxidants that combat free radicals, promote digestion, and strengthen the hair and nails, and much more.
  • Detoxifies the stomach
    It aids in the digestive process by improving the assimilation of nutrients and minerals from meals and supporting regular, rhythmic digestion. It’s scientifically proven that drinking water from a copper jug removes dangerous bacteria, which can help avoid stomachaches and poor digestion.
  • Stimulates brain
    Because copper is a well-known brain stimulant, it makes it possible for you to work more quickly and effectively. Your brain functions by passing electrical signals between neurons at a structure called synapses. Myelin sheaths, a conductive material, surround these neurons and help the transmission of impulses. According to studies, copper is a crucial component for creating such sheaths.
  • Boon for your skin
    Copper can aid in healing acne lesions because it has been found to enhance skin cell division and tissue remodelling. Copper also has strong antifungal and antibacterial qualities, making it a safe and mild option to prevent microorganisms that cause acne.
  • Boosts Immunity
    Haemoglobin is produced during food digestion with the help of copper. Additionally, it aids in cell regeneration, which strengthens the immune system. 
  • It helps to heal wounds
    Prized with many antibacterial and healing properties, copper water increases the healing time on open wounds & helps to rejuvenate. Applying copper water to a cut or injury cleans the affected area.  Now is your chance to enjoy the advantages of copper water and take the first step towards a healing journey. To know more about ayurvedic tips for health or skin, consult India’s best Ayurvedic Doctors online on Life Chart.

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